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Passed the PEvAU exam in 2024.
hours that the Puertoblanco-Montecalpe's teachers dedicate each week to personal and familiar counselling work.
teachers certified to teach International Baccalaureate programs.
candidates for Cambridge Certificates Exams in 2023.

Why are we the best option?

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Family centered

A school created by and for families.

Global Schools in Algeciras


Linguistic immersion and preparation for the Cambridge English Diplomas.

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High performance teaching methods in acquiring skills and values.

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Academic and personal development plans for each student.


To transform society through family Attendis Schools, in partnership with parents, teachers and students, provides a quality education that is focused on academics, service and personal development. Based on deep Christian values we seek to boost the potential of each child, from preschool through high school, in order to influence a rapidly changing world. Because we deeply believe that families are key decision makers; and education a powerful force for the transformation of entire societies. Most important: We do not only believe in our mission, we live it!


At Attendis, our ethos revolves around skills that enable children to succeed in their learning, school life and future. We seek to inspire creative, confident, spiritual citizens who have and enduring passion for learning and are poised to contribute to the world. Our vision then, is to provide children with high performance pedagogies, a challenging curriculum, a caring community atmosphere; and creative and critical thinking skills. By doing this, we are positive that we will boost every child’s potential and we will help them build a feeling of self-worth that unfolds the giftedness of each child.

Our values

Our Human Training plan integrates the attributes of the International Baccalaureate Learning Community, which are aimed at training people with an international mind.

Attendis adds two attributes of its Educational Project:

We look beyond immediate and material circumstances.

We manage our conduct with an ethical sense, which seeks the common good of people and society. We avoid judging other people, striving to do good and promoting harmony, justice and peace.


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Admission process

If you want to join the Attendis family, you must take the following steps.


Ask for more information.


Visit our school


Complete the document


See our welcome manual


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Frequent questions

The school secretary will give you an appointment to meet with our school’s Steering Committee where parents will receive complete information regarding the school and its educational programme. Your son or daughter will be given a brief level test—whenever possible, at the same time as your meeting with the Steering Committee. Within a week, at the most, the school will contact you to inform you about the status of the admission process.

The school has its own dining hall on the school premises. Our menus are drawn up by specialised nutritionists and meals are cooked daily in the school kitchens, strictly following all food safety regulations and quality protocols.

Several bus routes cover most of the towns and residential areas surrounding the school. All school transportation vehicles are equipped with appropriate seats adapted for all ages. Bus route monitors, normally teachers at the school, guarantee that an educational atmosphere is maintained throughout the journey to and from school.

Attendis offers bilingual education in English and Spanish from the very first day of class. Preschool and primary school students receive half of their lessons in English, while in secondary school, one-third of all classes are taught in English (at least three subjects).

Attendis schools have native teaching assistants who provide students with conversational support during class, allowing students to practise the language in groups and improve their level of oral communication.

In addition, our curriculum includes the learning of a third language (French, German or Portuguese) from the first year of Primary Education.

Technology is an ever present tool in our day-to-day educational programme, aimed at maximising the learning opportunities that digital technologies provide while helping our students adopt responsible habits when using electronic devices and applications. Likewise, students can develop their skills at creating new content through the use of digital media.

In the 2018/2019 school year, Attendis will launch a new G Suite-based platform for collaborative work. This is a pioneering project in Spain that will open up new learning and communication opportunities amongst families, teachers and students.

Our alliances