Our alliances

Platform for teachers and students, which puts Google resources at the service of the educational system, to facilitate the acquisition of digital competence. Students and teachers can work in a common network to achieve the objectives related to work, employability, learning, the use of free time, inclusion and participation in society.
Since 2018, the Attendis group and the Santander bank have opted for a joint collaboration, through which they can offer members of the educational community a set of products and services that may be suitable for everyone's needs.
Since 2013, when the Attendis group bet on the use of the iPad as a working tool in the learning process of schoolchildren, Goldenmac has become an ally to plan, implement and evaluate the use of this device in the Attendis Educational project.
The University of Navarra is one of the most recognized academic institutions in Spain. It has five campuses (Pamplona, San Sebastián, Madrid, New York and Barcelona) and 14 faculties, in addition to its IESE business school and other centres. Attendis collaborates with the University of Navarra in the development of its Professional Orientation Program, aimed for secondary and bachillerato (high school) students. In addition, teachers from our schools frequently participate in courses and seminars of permanent formation organized by the UNAV.
Attendis belongs to the European Association of Single-Sex Education (EASSE), a non-profit organization based in London that brings together people and educational entities from over sixteen European countries interested in the development and promotion of differentiated education, a style of school organization that is present in practically every country in the world. Currently, EASSE has 152 educational centres in different EU countries which teach more than 100,000 students.
All Attendis schools are official test centres and examiners for the Cambridge English language tests. Thanks to an agreement signed between Attendis and Cambridge, the preparation for these tests is carried out within the curriculum itself, from primary education to the highest level of certification, C2
The Attendis schools are examining centres of the official titles of Trinity College of London, institution supported by its ample experience in the accreditation of the English language domain since 1877.
The Attendis schools are examining centres of the official titles of the Goethe Institut, which credit the knowledge of German language. Preparation for these exams is offered as an extracurricular activity in several of our schools.
The Attendis schools are examination centres for the official titles of Alliance Française, a reference institution in the certification of French language use and knowledge. The preparation for the tests of the Alliance is imparted as extracurricular activity in our schools.
For the development of our courses and education sessions and family counselling, we collaborate with the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD), a non-profit and independent NGO whose primary mission is to give support to the family through education.
Attendis, together with the company American Dream, gives its students of 4th ESO and 1st Baccalaureate the possibility of studying at a university in the United States, through a scholarship program. The purpose of this program is to identify the academic and sporting talent in Spain, considering the requirements valued in accordance with the university model of the United States.
In 2008 a group of parents and teachers created the African Associaton for the Education and Training (AFEDI) as a non-profit association for the purpose of contributing to the education of young Congolese. With that purpose, they founded the Liziba and Bozindo schools. Today there are some 600 boys and girls who are educated in their classrooms, located in the city of Kinshasa (Republic of Congo). Attendis collaborates with Liziba and Bozindo offering these centers advice and training, in addition to conducting awareness campaigns and fundraising to help improve the conditions of students in both schools.

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